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Do we earn to pay bills?

As i sit by my window and watch people shop for christmas i saw the happiness on everyone’s face. One festival round the corner and people tend to forget all the problems -Be merry. Why are we not always that happy? The thought of ‘what next’? ‘What’s stored in for me for future’? ‘I’m securing… Continue reading Do we earn to pay bills?

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50 RANDOM Facts about me Tag

Hey Gorgeous, My today’s post is 50 Random Facts about me. I was tagged by Lili Angelova from http://www.beautyandthenature.com/. She has a wonderful blog, do drop by to read her posts and show her some love. Let’s get started by facts about me. My name is Nitha- It means ‘Butter’ My favorite color is turquoise. My favorite… Continue reading 50 RANDOM Facts about me Tag