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The body Shop Honey & Oat Moisturising Scrub Mask

Hi gorgeous,

Winter can be too harsh on our skin specially if its dry. This POST aboutThe body shop Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Moisturizing scrub mask will help you get away with winter having a hydrated skin.


Price: £11 for 100ml

Product Claims: 

This three-in-one face mask cleanses, polishes and moisturizes normal to dry skin.

  • Gently removes dead skin cells
  • Smoothes and refines
  • Moisturizes and conditions
  • Weekly treatment

My review: This product has a very nice mild fragrance which feels very convincing that it’s going to do some good. I use this twice or three times a week. I apply a generous layer of this mask and leave it till i feel it has dried out a bit.After which i scrub it gently, it has very small beads that leaves my skin refreshed. I love how my skin feels after i use this, Definitely gives a glow. The downside is it does not remove blackheads but that is not even mentioned in the product claim. So if the priority is for blackhead removal then this mask has to be used after using a exfoliating scrub.

To be honest, this is my 2nd purchase of this mask which says how much i love this. Its surely worth a try if you have a dry skin and want some moisture as you cleanse.



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