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Do we earn to pay bills?

As i sit by my window and watch people shop for christmas i saw the happiness on everyone’s face. One festival round the corner and people tend to forget all the problems -Be merry.

Why are we not always that happy? The thought of ‘what next’? ‘What’s stored in for me for future’? ‘I’m securing my future by saving enough’? etc.. I ask what is future and how can it be happy if you are not happy today!! Now when i say this i do not mean you spend every last penny on something useless but then are you just earning/slogging every month just so that you could pay your bills on time and grow old ?!

I’m sure to lot of them this may seem nuisance, but all i feel is living in the present is the best thing to do. You don’t need anything more to be happy except for some nice people around you(if you have a best friend you are blessed) who would listen and share feelings, hobbies that interest you and maybe some comforting food, Of course you would need a job or something that can support you financially but then it’s just a support for living not life in itself.

One of the key factor of being happy is Never Expect Anything- Yes thats right. Its not a mandate that the other person realizes what you need or want hence no point feeling sad if things don’t work as you wish. Materialistic things can be found or bought if lost but life can’t be bought once you lose it.

This was just a random thought that occurred to me today and felt it important to share. Please treasure your loved ones for they are your real savings. 🙂

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