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50 RANDOM Facts about me Tag

Hey Gorgeous,

My today’s post is 50 Random Facts about me. I was tagged by Lili Angelova from http://www.beautyandthenature.com/. She has a wonderful blog, do drop by to read her posts and show her some love. Let’s get started by facts about me.

  1. My name is Nitha- It means ‘Butter’
  2. My favorite color is turquoise.
  3. My favorite number is 7 but my lucky number i believe is 9
  4.  I was born in Mangalore, India and currently love in London.
  5. I have a younger brother and a brother-in-law, both of same age!!
  6. I believe my husband has been very lucky for me ever since we got married.
  7. My parents wedding anniversary is on December 25th which i feel is the easiest date to remember.
  8. I’m very much petrified to the sight of rat.
  9. I have a Masters in Computer Application.
  10. Strangely i’m not scared of cockroaches at all.
  11. My sun sign is Libra.
  12. I was a Radio Jockey in India before i did my Masters.
  13. I love to fill my wallet with coins.
  14. I adore animals but don’t have any pets.
  15. I’m planning to start a youtube channel
  16. My favorite Indian Actress is Alia Bhatt.
  17. I make very bad tea though i enjoy drinking tea.
  18. But i can make very lovely coffee.
  19. Favorite Indian Actor is Ranbir Kapoor
  20. I usually write down my thoughts on any topic like an article.
  21. I was trained in classical dance which i want to continue sometime soon.
  22. I have plans on getting inked since 3years but not done yet!!
  23. I have acrophobia.
  24. I used to love Tom and Jerry during my childhood and that love still exists.
  25. I can never watch a horror movie.
  26. Rice and lentils(Rice Dal) is my comfort food.
  27. I want to learn Karate.
  28. Clicking random pics is my favorite pass time and i never show those pics to anyone.
  29. I love to read history and image me in that era.
  30. HIMYM was one of my favorite series and i can watch it over and over again.
  31. I hate the smell of tobacco and can’t stand anyone smoking around me.
  32. I’m very low on immunity and can fall sick every 2 days.
  33. I love listening to soft music when i’m reading books or writing blogs.
  34. I buy lot of clothes but forget to wear them, instead i repeat the same old clothes.
  35. I appear very arrogant for strangers(as told by my friends about my first impression on them).
  36. I religiously change nail polish every Sunday evening.
  37. I’m very particular about Time. I believe in Time is Money.
  38. Bad driving is a huge turn off for me.
  39. I do lot of things by rule book.
  40. My favorite fruit is Orange.
  41. I wish to learn French soon.
  42. Winter is my favorite season no matter how much ever brutal it can get !
  43. I don’t like candles in my home.
  44. I love to see others in Saree but i’m not good at draping it.
  45. I’m very lazy in washing my hair(Which reminds i should wash it now;) )
  46. I’m a non vegetarian but my husband is vegetarian hence making me the same most of the time.
  47. I wanted to be an Interior decorator and ended up in Software industry.
  48. I love doing window shopping more than actual ones.
  49. I’m very bad in managing my finances and depend on my husband for the same.
  50. I love reading random blogs.


Phewww that was a long list. Hope you liked reading it. If you ever do this tag do not forget to tag me, i would love to read it.

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