My top 15 lipstick for Indian Skin/Brown Skin/NC 35

Hi gorgeous,

This is one of my favorite post as i’m a real lip junkie. I love lipsticks and it is my favorite part of doing my makeup. But finding the right shade for everyday look or party look can be a task sometimes. So let me show a variety of shades that i love and wear on different occasions.

  1. Rimmel lasting finish by Kate- Shade 48

PhotoGrid_1446995674543 PicsArt_11-08-01.27.24

2.Rimmel the only one lipstick- 700 Naughty Nude

700 Naughty Nude
700 Naughty Nude

I have a full detailed review about these lipstick already on the blog.

3. NYX soft matte lip cream- Cannes

PicsArt_11-08-01.26.51 PhotoGrid_1446995645627

4. Revlon colorbust matte balm- 225 Sultry

PicsArt_11-08-01.26.13 PhotoGrid_1446995387869
This is one of my everyday lip color for work, and it is so soothing on lips, it has a minty smell to it.

5. Street Wear ultra moist lipstick- 26 Berry dreamy

PicsArt_11-08-01.17.16 PhotoGrid_1446995591493
Street wear is an Indian drugstore brand which has some affordable cosmetics. All the lipsticks from this range are excellent.

6. Milani lipstick- 17 Plum rose

PicsArt_11-08-01.25.38 PhotoGrid_1446995450731
I felt it so hard to get my hands on Milani but I must say the struggle was worth it. Milani is an excellent brand on whole and the lipsticks are just my new love.

7. Lakme 9 to 5 – Scarlett drill

PicsArt_11-08-01.18.26 PhotoGrid_1446995573971

8. Revlon colorbust lipstick- 30 Fuchsia

PicsArt_11-08-01.22.53 PhotoGrid_1446995529152
This range of lipstick does not look or feel drugstore at all. A lovely everyday color.

9. Rimmel Lasting finish lipstick- 016 Heart Breaker

PicsArt_11-08-01.24.59 PhotoGrid_1446995479308

10. Lakme absoloute creme- Eternal Wine

PicsArt_11-08-01.21.17 PhotoGrid_1446995553622

11.Rimmel lasting finish by Kate- Shade 30

PicsArt_11-08-01.23.32 PhotoGrid_1446995513918

12. Street Wear color rich Ultra moist Lipstick- 28 XoXo

PicsArt_11-08-01.16.25 PhotoGrid_1446995611927

13. Bourjois Rouge Edition velvet- Velvet 02

PicsArt_11-08-01.22.01 PhotoGrid_1446995541311

14. Colorbar USA- 39 Wild Mauve

PicsArt_11-08-01.15.31 PhotoGrid_1446995628449

15. Maybelline Color sensational- 530 Fatal red

PicsArt_11-08-04.20.47 PhotoGrid_1446995500422

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