The body Shop Vitamin E skin in Moisture Mask review

Hi Gorgeous,

Dry skin in winter is a real common thing but finding a product that reduces the dryness isn’t so common. For a person like me who anyways has dry skin all throughout the year, this season does no good. But i’m glad that i gave this product a try.


Price: £14.00 for 100ml


My review: The product as you can see in the picture above has a consistency neither of a cream nor of gel, its almost like jelly. Its a moisture mask which is used just like any other moisturizer. The name says mask but its a leave in mask. I apply it as a part of my night time skin care and it leaves my skin soft and smooth in the morning which helps me apply my makeup quite easily. I have been using this for couple of weeks now and i can see a huge difference in my skin. I do not use this in the morning as i feel this needs sometime to soak into the skin before anything is else is applied on it and nobody has time in the morning to wait for a moisturizer to sink in !!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry skin throughout the year and others can use this as a winter care for skin when you tend to get little dry patches here and there on skin.

If you have tried this do not forget to leave in a comment and let me know your thoughts for this product. 🙂

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