Nip + Fab Skin cleansing pads review

Hi Gorgeous,

Today’s post is all about skincare and that is Nip + Fab skin cleansing pads. I have been using this for a  month now and i actually like it. Getting a skincare that suits my skin type is difficult so whenever i find anything i stick on to it(I have extremely dry skin).


Price: £4.95 for 60 pads

Claims Made my Product:

  • Hyaluronic acid hydrates for plumper looking skin
  • Salicylic acid deeply cleanses pore
  • Dragon’s blood comforts+restores through skin hydration

My review: Even though the product says to use it twice a day, i just use it in the evening. I remove my makeup with the body shop cleansing butter and then wipe my entire face with one pad. It does have a medicine like smell which i don’t like but it does make me feel fresh. It does the job of a toner. The cotton pad has two different surfaces, so i use the one with dots first and wipe my face with the plain side later. Its only after i have used this i apply my moisturizer. This way i feel my skin to be well moisturized and soft.

Though i wouldn’t say this is the ultimate must have product, if you have dry skin and want to try something new this definitely is worth a try.

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