The body Shop Camomile Cleansing butter- Review

Hi Gorgeous,

I know this is really old product but recently i have been using this product a lot and thought i would review it. It is ‘The body Shop Camomile Sumptuous cleansing butter’ for all skin types.


Price: £13.00 for 90ml

My review: I’m obsessed with this cleansing butter. This is a creamy gel like consistency make up remover which is not too harsh on skin. You just need a little bit product on your hand and massage it on your face , all the makeup just melts down. Just wipe it off with a gentle cloth and you are left with soft skin. It has a mild scent when you first start to massage which gradually fades out.


  • Not too harsh on skin and suits every skin type
  • Easily melts down the makeup even waterproof mascara
  • The body Shop products are not tested on animals


  • You need to dip your finger to get product out, if hands are not clean it would contaminate the tub.(Alternative: You can opt for cleansing oil 🙂 )

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