Review: NYC smooch proof liquid lip stain

Hi Gorgeous,

In today’s post i would be reviewing the ‘NYC smooch proof lip  stain’. This lip stain claims up to 4 hours stay. They come in six different shades but i just have two with me because i was happy with these two colors.


Price: £3.49 for 7ml

The two colors i have are ‘On everyone’s lips’ which is quite nude for my skin tone and ‘Unforgettable Fuchsia’ which is a bright fuchsia color.

Unforgettable fuschia
Unforgettable fuschia
On everyone's lips
On everyone’s lips

My verdict: I love this product because its quite long lasting and i really don’t like to do touch ups once i’m out of the door. As the name suggests these are quite long lasting and stay longer than the claims made. You can eat or drink with on the lips and it will be there for good 5 hours minimum. Even when it wears out it leaves a stain on lips but of course it also settles in fine lines making your lips look weird.


  • No need to touch up for at least 5 hours
  • Transfer free
  • Easily build the color to your liking
  • Not too expensive


  • If lips are not well moisturized it looks patchy when you apply
  • Very hard to remove so be sure when you apply this
  • Makes your lips dry after few hours and settles in fine lines
  • Has a very weird tingling sensation when you first apply.

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