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Review : OGX ever straight Brazilian keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner

Hey Gorgeous,


Price: £6.99 for 385ml for conditioner and shampoo each. I got it at Superdrug for £4.66 each

I know this is a very old product but for me its a new discovery. Even before i start the review let me tell you that i haven’t inserted any before and after pics here. The reason being, i did straighten my hair in salon 9 months back so i have salon straight hair from my ears, and from root till ears i have natural texture of my hair which is wavy and bit frizzy. Its quite difficult to show here but if you still want to see it, let me know in comment section.

Now to the review, i definitely liked this product. I was reluctant on going back to salon again for touch up because i don’t want to put too chemicals on my hair and believe me this was a good alternative. According to the ingredients on bottle it is made out of coconut oil, keratin proteins, avocado oil, cocoa butter all of which are quite good and nourishing for hair. It tames down the waves and also provides shine for the frizzy hair.

Application method for best results

  • Apply shampoo and rinse through your hair thoroughly
  • Start taking smaller sections of hair and apply conditioner on it. By doing this you are providing conditioning to every strand of hair
  • Once all the hair is covered with conditioner, slowly brush through with wide bristle comb or you can also use fingers to gentle massage and evenly spread the conditioner. Remember to be gentle as wet hair is prone to breakage.
  • Leave it on for 3-5minutes.
  • Wash it off and let it dry naturally or you could also blow dry it.

Olá you have smooth hair now 🙂


  • Very affordable since its a drugstore product.
  • The ingredients aren’t harmful unlike the salon straightening with lot of chemicals
  • It smells amazing due to cocoa butter


  • You need to spend too much time while applying the conditioner so that every strand of hair gets equal attention if you need extreme straight looking hair
  • If you want to style your hair with curls this shampoo is not the right choice
  • If you have extremely curly hair, this would just reduce it and make it look like you got wavy hair.

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