Things to do around East Sussex

Birling Gap near Eastbourne in East Sussex, is part of the world famous Seven Sisters chalk cliffs, one of the longest stretches of undeveloped coastline on the south coast.


Birling gap is a great destination for day out with friends or your loved ones. It takes a little more than 2 hours to reach there from London. I visited this place with my husband and three friends, and yes we all enjoyed a lot.

Birling gap

The breath taking view surrounded us the minute we reached there.  From the parking lot as you walk forward you see beautiful view of cliffs and a small cafe which has a beach front. When you start walking up the cliff, the view just gets better as you can see the white beauty of cliffs or as it is called as ‘white cliffs’ or ‘Chalk cliffs’. You can see people sitting down and relaxing, you can also get your own snacks and have a small picnic as you soak up in the sun. There’s a small cafe up the hill for light refreshment. People who like hiking can definitely do it here as the trail is quite long, but don’t forget your trainers.


After getting down from the cliff you can go closer to the beach by taking these stairs, the view is just spectacular from everywhere.

Now as you drive back towards Seaford you get sheep farm called as ‘Seven sisters sheep centre’ and park named as ‘Seven sisters country park’. Though both sounded interesting, due to bit of time constraint we chose  the park.

Seven Sisters country park


There’s a visitor centre near the parking area for any information you need . This park has four different trail that you would want to try and we started on the beach trail. For the sandy beach lovers here’s a news, the total coastline has pebble beach and not sandy beaches.


Its a beautiful view as you walk through, with park and water ponds around leading you to the beach. You can spend all day here if you come well prepared with snacks and some games. We went with a frisbee and enjoyed the evening. The beach has a similar look and feel as that from the Birling gap since its a continuation of the same which means if you very keen on hiking you go all the way up to Birling gap from here or vice versa.


And to end the day we did go to Seaford beach along the Marine Parade to witness the beauty of sunset. I must say this is a must visit place if you live in London or anywhere close-by.


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