3 different tools for that picture perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows are the first thing i notice when i look at someone. A perfect eyebrow can make you look more gorgeous but of course not all of us are blessed with a perfect one. No worries though, there are different ways to get the type of eyebrow you always wanted.

  1. Basic eyebrow pencil


Shade : Essence eyebrow designer -02 Brown

This type of pencil are very cheap and affordable. The color payoff is also very less helping you not going too dark on your eyebrows. With these type of pencil you can always choose the same color as that of your eyebrows. The only down side is you need to sharpen it.

2. Eyebrow pen


Shade : Soap & glory Archery- Hot Choclate

This kind of pen comes with a fine tip on one side and brush on other. You can brush your eyebrows first and then go on filling it in with pen or viceversa. Due to the fine tip, the eyebrows get a finish which looks too real. With these kind of pen its always better to go with one shade lighter than your eyebrows as there are chances of overdoing it.

3. Eyebrow wax


Shade: Sleek Brow Kit – Dark

This kit comes with a wax and powder with 2 brushes and a tweezer. As a beginner using this kit may seem little difficult but trust me on this, it gives a smooth and long lasting finish. If you want your eyebrows to stay in place for long hours this is the best option as after filling the gaps with powder , you set it with wax.

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