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Beginner makeup Kit- Must Haves

If you are beginner and do not know from where to start or what to start , then here are few things that need to know before you go makeup shopping. There are plenty of items and brands in makeup but you must be aware of what you want to look like and what is the occasion or event so that you can get your face ready accordingly. When i started these were the things which made me comfortable with makeup.


  1. BB or CC cream

Since you are a beginner, foundation may be the right thing to start with. There are plenty of BB and CC cream available and you can choose according to your preference. Some of them have shades to choose from and you would need to know which is best for you. But at any point you are confused, you can always pick up Garnier BB cream as it has no shades and has SPF 24.

2. Concealer

For those dark and baggy under eyes, using a concealer is the best. You just need to apply few dots under each eye and then just dab with your ring finger. Remember that your under eye area is very gentle and hence do not put too much pressure, gentle dabbing till it blends in would do the job.

3. Eye Shadow

A subtle eye shadow palette which has different colors so that you can mix and match or wear differently based on your liking. There are plenty of affordable palettes to start of with. If you don’t have brush to apply it, you can always do it with fingers but again remember to be gentle.

4. Eye Liner

A nice black kohl is a definite must have. Even though if you wouldn’t want to have any of the above products, just a kohl can make a lot of difference in your look. You can use it on your waterline, tight line or even on your upper lash line.

5. Mascara

This is optional but having a good mascara can glam up the look. By applying mascara you complete your eye look. A few coats of a excellent mascara can make you look like you have false lashes. But be careful when you choose mascara as a bad one can make you have spider like lashes.

6. Blush

That pinky or coral cheeks are everyone’s favorite. But if you are a beginner use a cream blush as its easy in application. You just need to dab few dots on your cheeks and then blend in with your fingers. It gives that flush of color without looking artificial. Maybelline has some of the best cream blush.

7. Lipstick

And lastly, to finish the look use a nice color of your lips. There are plenty of drugstore lipstick that you can start with. Nude, coral or pink are best colors for beginners. When you choose nude, don’t select anything that’s exactly of your skin tone as it may give you washed out look and may it appear like you have no lips 😛

Hope you have the best experience with makeup 🙂

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